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Scholarship Opportunities!

Posted: September 7, 2012 by UI Upward Bound in College Info, Financial Aid, Scholarships, UB Info

The deadline for these scholarships has been extended until SEPTEMBER 14, 2012.

Contact Warren Jones ASAP if you plan to apply!


It’s upward and onward for 12 Silver Valley region students this summer as they prepare for higher education with classes at the University of Idaho and experiences at several universities and museums in Washington, DC through the Upward Bound program.

The federally funded Upward Bound program will provide a six-week Summer Institute for 12 students from the Silver Valley region. Participants are high-achieving, low-income students, and the first in their families to be college-bound.

The UB program is administered through the University of Idaho. The Summer Institute aims to familiarize students with higher education opportunities on the U-Idaho campus, and beyond, providing the resources and knowledge students need to be successful in their college careers.

“Upward Bound believes higher education should be attainable to anyone who wants it,” said Marcee Hartzell, Silver Valley UB director. “We’re here to make sure that our participants have every opportunity available to them to ensure their academic and personal success and to broaden their horizons.”

For the first few weeks of the program, students will be in Moscow to live and learn on the U-Idaho campus, where they will focus on college exploration and readiness.

“In Moscow, students will have the opportunity to work with faculty, staff and students from across campus,” said Hartzell. “They will take part in a number of activities intended to make their choice to pursue a college education personally relevant and meaningful.”

Students will arrive in Moscow on Saturday, July 7, stay in dormitories and take English 101, earning three college credits. They also will work with staff in the Student Financial Aid Office, the Counseling and Testing Center, and the Career Center and Extension. Those workshops will focus on study skills, time management, goal setting, major/career exploration, financial planning and debt management.

While on campus, the UB students also begin coursework addressing human rights and social justice, a theme they will further explore in Washington, DC.

“The Summer Institute’s social justice and human rights curriculum examines topics such as race, religion, age, gender and class. The focus is on developing the critical thinking skills necessary for success in college and in the real world,” said Hartzell.

With funding provided by a College Access Challenge Grant, students will visit the nation’s capitol, staying in dorms on the George Washington University campus for one week.

While in DC, they also will visit Carnegie Melon University and American University. As they continue their coursework on social justice, they will tour the museums and historical landmarks of pivotal human rights victories spread throughout the capitol city.

Among the stops on their tour is The Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights, which works to educate and empower individuals to take action in their communities to generate change. Students will participate in the “Speak Up, Speak Out” campaign, which promotes education about injustice and addressing injustice through community action.

When they return, students spend a final week in Moscow completing English 101 coursework and participating in Creative and Performance Writing Workshop led by Gail Miller, Washington State University professor of English. Students will shape their journal entries from the D.C. experience into narratives at the workshop.

The Summer Institute is designed to introduce learners to research methods, critical thinking, analysis and reflection through project-based learning, college preparatory instruction, character development, service learning and leadership opportunities.

–Donna Emert

What can Upward Bound do for you?

Posted: March 12, 2012 by silvervalleyub in UB Info

Upward Bound students are probably acquainted with our staff: Warren Jones and Marcee Hartzell. Students probably also know that they must qualify as first-generation or low-income to be eligible for our program. The question is, do our students and parents know everything that we do and all that we offer?

Our primary focus is motivation and access to college. We help our students prepare for success in college with many services during the academic year (at your schools and during college and cultural trips) and during our Experience Summer Institute.

Have you asked yourself any of the questions below? If so, we can help you answer them.

Academic Advising: Which classes should I take next semester? Which classes do I need to get into an out-of-state college? How can I ensure that my high school “experience” will prepare me for college?

Career Advising: How can my interests and skills translate into a great career? What education do I need to get into the field I’m interested in? How can I ensure that I’ll be successful in my career?

College Entrance Exam Assistance: Should I take the SAT or ACT…or both? How do I sign up for them? Can I get help paying for these tests?

College Visit: Which college should I attend? How will I know if this college is right for me? Who can I talk to about college life and courses offered at my college?

Community Service: How can I fill my resume if I have never had a job? Where can I get experience in my career field? How can I ace my scholarship applications?

Instruction (Composition, Literature, Math, Science, Foreign Language, and more): What if I need more practice in some subjects before I get to college? How can I earn college credit while I’m still in high school?

Cultural/ Educational Activities: What is the world like outside of North Idaho? How do I act at a business dinner, opera, museum, or formal function? How can I get out of the Valley for a few days?

Employment: How can I create my resume? What type of job can help me get into college? What kind of jobs are available in college?

Financial Aid Assistance: How can I pay for college? How do I budget my money? What do I need to know about loans, credit cards, and checking accounts?

Peer Mentoring: Can I talk to a current college student who knows wha

Personal Counseling: Who can I talk to about sensitive, confidential issues? How can I get past my personal issues to get through high school? What support will I have in college?

Postsecondary Advising: What should I be doing my Freshman, Sophomore, Junior, or Senior year to get ready for college? How do I know which college to choose? What should I major in?

Tutoring: How am I going to pass this subject? What if I’m not good at a subject?

Other: We are here to help you. If we can’t, we will work with you to find the resources you need.

For more information, contact Warren in his office or the UB office in Coeur d’Alene (208.292.1367).